What’s a Network?

What’s a Network?

As I launch the Friendly Coach it’s a good time to reflect on how the company has developed to where it is.  What has struck me most is nothing I have done, but how others have played significant roles in that journey.

It was in 2017 when I first started to think about setting up a coaching business for when my police service ended.  A family gathering at Christmas time kick started it all off with a let’s pick on Dave with a, ’So what are you going to call your business?’ conversation.  All good hearted with many long-forgotten suggestions made that resulted in the Friendly Coach you recognise.

Move forward 18 months and the countdown clock is ticking louder.  I wanted a logo, a brand, a web site but I’ve no experience of any of those.  Using highlighter pens I sketched an embarrassingly poor logo and cringed at it.  My wife, who was equally suffering my pain, helpfully introduced me to Lisa Howe, a colleague of hers who does freelance design work.  Lisa transformed my scribbles into the fantastic Friendly Coach logo with the twinkly eyes and my ramblings into this clean, professional web site. 

Seeing the brand emerge was a great motivator to putting in place all the necessary infrastructure for a company to exist; accounting, IT and insurance for example.  Having always worked in the public sector I didn’t know where to turn.

A shout out on my village’s Facebook Group introduced me to Richard Funnell.  Richard was awesome. Through his introductions I met some great people running local businesses and have secured all the services I need to confidently launch The Friendly Coach.  

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed developing The Friendly Coach, challenging myself, learning new things, meeting new people and being able to support their businesses as they have supported mine develop.

So, What’s a network?  From my simple story I think it’s a collection of people, some close, some initially strangers, some in a virtual place and others in the living world all supporting, sharing and helping each other.