You are Good

You are Good

Self-confidence is a funny old thing.  Everyone has it to varying degrees; some people have it in abundance and can be considered over confident while others can deny themselves opportunities through not recognising their own qualities and skills.

I met with a new client recently who was having doubts as to whether they should apply for a promotion that was coming up.  They presented to me as highly competent, knowledgeable and caring with a great track record of delivering outcomes for their organisation.  Someone I would willingly welcome as a colleague or boss yet they didn’t recognise this in themselves. 

Reflection on your work and other achievements can help.  With my client they were able to list a number of pieces of work they had led, developed, implemented successfully and had delivered desired corporate outcomes from which they were able to start drawing some confidence. 

Questions to consider to help with such reflection could include:

What have I worked on recently?

Where have I produced positive outcomes for my organisation?

What did I do that others maybe haven’t??

How have others recognised what I have done? This may not necessarily be a direct ‘well done’ but have you noticed they may have been more positive towards you in different ways.

Are others looking to learn or even replicate what I have done?

Once you’ve answered these questions try asking them again to see if there are any other answers.  Digging a little deeper inside yourself can unearth some golden nuggets of understanding to convince yourself of your true worth. 

As an athlete in training will benefit from a sports coach pushing their limits, a coach can be useful in business in helping you to identify the routes to those hidden building blocks of self-confidence and increased performance.