Light at the end of the Tunnel

Light at the end of the Tunnel

With the lockdown restrictions being eased and the light at the end of the tunnel becoming brighter, I’ve reflected on the past 10 weeks.  So, what have I done? and what have I learnt?

My personal experiences lack drama.  I volunteered in my village to be an errand runner/helper for the vulnerable and also to support the County Local Resilience Forum but was never used. This was really positive as it demonstrated the strength of the inbuilt support within the community.

I signed up to offer pro-bono coaching to people working within the NHS and through this I was privileged to provide coaching to three lovely people.  Interestingly, the things challenging them most were not directly COVID related, but the normal issues people raise with coaches; career, change, performance and professional relationship management. Having spent 30 years in the police service I realise that life in frontline services just carries on, irrespective of what is occurring outside.

How many times do you hear, ‘There isn’t the time to develop.’ Well now there was so I completed an online course with Clarity4D to become an Accredited Business Partner with them.  This means I can now deliver their personality profiles and associated training which is a great additional offering to my clients.  It was also fantastic learning about the Jungian Theory that underpins the profiles.  Previously, I’ve completed many psychometric profiles’ and this is the first time I’ve truly understood the reports.

Zoom calls. I used to like these when they were every now and then. Now though, I tolerate them.  They are functional and get the job done but lack the whole meeting experience you get through being with other people (I never thought I’d say that).  As the camera lens only allows for two of our senses you concentrate on looking at people (and yourself) and listening intently which makes it tiring as you compensate for not having the other senses to use.

So, what have I learnt?

  1. It’s good to help others.  I already knew that 😊
  2. Peoples personal challenges remain the same and life goes on regardless of pandemics and crisis.
  3. It’s good to learn new skills and more time should be allocated to this. 
  4. There’s a place for virtual meetings, but its not for every meeting. 
  5. People are central to everything and something is lost working in isolation.