Author: Dave - The Friendly Coach

You want to implement a culture of change?

But what exactly is it you’ll be implementing and how will coaching help you achieve it? If a business culture is the commonly accepted ‘way things are done around here’ then it follows that a culture of change exists where change is the norm and is accepted as such.  This then raises a further question:…
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Working on the train

What is Business Culture?

This is a blog that I wrote for Unlimited Potential Ltd who kindly published it on their web site in July 2019. ‘Change the culture…change the culture’. It’s become something of a battlecry within business , but what does it really mean? What is a culture anyway? Is it just some new jargon that…
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It’s the culture

My interest in organisational culture began 15 years ago when I was seconded onto an organisation wide change programme and would frequently hear frustrated team members say, ‘It’s the culture’ every time something wasn’t as they’d planned.  What’s this culture I wondered? How does it make carefully planned changes not work?  Nobody was able to…
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Why Coach?

This is a guest blog I wrote for SISRA Ltd that they published on their web site – – a great company that supports schools and training providers understand and use their data. The promotion of coaching as a leadership style is gaining prominence with lots of people advocating it as an approach. So,…
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You are Good

Self-confidence is a funny old thing.  Everyone has it to varying degrees; some people have it in abundance and can be considered over confident while others can deny themselves opportunities through not recognising their own qualities and skills. I met with a new client recently who was having doubts as to whether they should apply…
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What’s a Network?

As I launch the Friendly Coach it’s a good time to reflect on how the company has developed to where it is.  What has struck me most is nothing I have done, but how others have played significant roles in that journey. It was in 2017 when I first started to think about setting up…
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