Category: change management

Don’t be lonely

Running your own business, being an executive or a senior manager can be very lonely.  Where do you take a problem?  Who do you bounce ideas off?  Is there anyone you can confide in? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a friend there by your side.  Someone who doesn’t judge you; someone who doesn’t tell…
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You want to implement a culture of change?

But what exactly is it you’ll be implementing and how will coaching help you achieve it? If a business culture is the commonly accepted ‘way things are done around here’ then it follows that a culture of change exists where change is the norm and is accepted as such.  This then raises a further question:…
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It’s the culture

My interest in organisational culture began 15 years ago when I was seconded onto an organisation wide change programme and would frequently hear frustrated team members say, ‘It’s the culture’ every time something wasn’t as they’d planned.  What’s this culture I wondered? How does it make carefully planned changes not work?  Nobody was able to…
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