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Add a little colour

The Friendly coach are delighted to have become an Accredited Business Partner with Clarity4D and can now offer their range of personal profiles and team dynamic products. Based upon Jungian Preferences these colourful profiles written in simple language are easy to understand, affordable and provide an excellent foundation in knowing yourself. How you prefer to…
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Light at the end of the Tunnel

With the lockdown restrictions being eased and the light at the end of the tunnel becoming brighter, I’ve reflected on the past 10 weeks.  So, what have I done? and what have I learnt? My personal experiences lack drama.  I volunteered in my village to be an errand runner/helper for the vulnerable and also to…
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You want to implement a culture of change?

But what exactly is it you’ll be implementing and how will coaching help you achieve it? If a business culture is the commonly accepted ‘way things are done around here’ then it follows that a culture of change exists where change is the norm and is accepted as such.  This then raises a further question:…
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Working on the train

What is Business Culture?

This is a blog that I wrote for Unlimited Potential Ltd who kindly published it on their web site in July 2019. ‘Change the culture…change the culture’. It’s become something of a battlecry within business , but what does it really mean? What is a culture anyway? Is it just some new jargon that…
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It’s the culture

My interest in organisational culture began 15 years ago when I was seconded onto an organisation wide change programme and would frequently hear frustrated team members say, ‘It’s the culture’ every time something wasn’t as they’d planned.  What’s this culture I wondered? How does it make carefully planned changes not work?  Nobody was able to…
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