Executive Coaching

“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance.  It is 
helping them to learn rather than teach them.”

Whitmore (2009)

You know you’ve so much more to offer and sometimes struggle to release the potential within.  Working with the Friendly Coach will help you to untangle your thinking and bring you a clear understanding of yourself, your organisation and the challenges you are facing.  The Friendly Coach recognises that everyone and every organisation is different and will support you in developing your solutions and improvements that will work for you, your organisation and your customers.

Organisational Development Consultancy

“The goal of Organisational Development is to enhance organisational effectiveness 
by attending to both human and organisational needs”

Rainey, Tolbert & Hanafin (2006)

Improving your organisation is a requirement for every leader.  The Friendly Coach understands that an organisation is a complex system of strategies, policies and processes brought to life by the people working within it.  Sustainable improvements in an organisation requires consideration of all these; the formal written down documents as well as the unwritten but commonly understood practices and rituals of staff. 

The Friendly Coach is experienced at diagnosing cultures within different organisations that supports leaders to develop improvements tailored to their individual characteristics.   This supportive style enables leaders to own and sustain the improvements beyond their time working with The Friendly Coach.